uPVC vs Aluminum Windows – Who Wins?

When you are looking to fit new windows you not only have to think server things to think about. What type of glazing will you choose? Single, double or triple glazing. And the other consideration is the window frame itself.

Both styles have pros and cons. Let explore the long standing debate of Aluminum vs uPVC!


Aluminum is a highly durable material. If anything it will last much longer that uPVC as they don’t seem to degrade as fast as uPVC does. A big pro for Aluminum windows is that you will get a good ten more years out of them. Aluminum does not rust so you don’t have to worry about ugly looking window frames over the years.

Energy Efficiency

But aluminum is not all praise and glory. One reason why aluminum is not considered to be as great as uPVC is due to the fact that it is less energy efficient.

However technology has come a long way over the last few decades. Some manufactures of aluminum windows build in certain features to increase the thermal efficiency of the frames by using Aerogel. Aerogel is the same insulator used in space craft and space suits.

What it comes down to is price and taste. Aluminum and uPVC are both good choices. You can get different styles of windows with aluminum you can’t get in uPVC. So as long as the windows and frames you get have a high WER rating you should be good.

Security Comparison

Both are very tough and provide good security. Otherwise they would not be the most widely used window types. and both are much more secure than something as simple as a wooded frame than can easily be broken.

Over all both as re about as secure as each other.


This is were things get a little different.

uPVC wins here. The difference is subtle but it’s a big enough different to go with uPVC is soundproofing is a major concern for you. However, keep in mind that most of the soundproofing that you will get from double glazed windows actually comes from the glass itself. The frame only added a little extra soundproofing.

Look and Feel

This is where things get very different.

Aluminum for the win here. uPVC windows are traditionally very big and bulky due to the inherit nature of their design.

While aluminum windows offer a slimmer look and fell. They can be installed into a modern home without you even knowing they are there. This is not possible with uPVC windows.

The other added benefit of aluminum windows being light weight ascetically is that they can be larger. So instead of looking out of your home through window panes you can have normal large glass panes.

The Verdict

So who wins the battle of uPVC vs Aluminum Windows? This really undecided.

Both are excellent and both win over having single glazed windows that provide no added benefits such as energy efficiency, security and soundproofing.

At the end of the day it comes down to what you needs are. If you want maximum security and energy efficiency that uPVC might be the choice for you.

If you are a more visually pleasing window then aluminum might be the winner for you.

The post was contributed by Phil of Abacus Glazing who runs a double glazing company in Bournemouth. Check them out on Facebook.

Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing

When you are installing new windows into you home you need to consider if you will use single glazing (not recommend!), double glazing or triple glazing.

Lets explore the differences.

The typical home owner knows that double glazing is a pretty standard option in the UK. There is no doubt that double glazing helps with various aspects of making a home comfortable. Such as reduced sound levels coming in from outside and reduced energy bill due to the energy efficient effects of double glazing.

But what about the new competition in town that’s made an entrance. What about triple glazing?

Triple Glazed Windows

If you have some common sense and you know how double glazed windows work then triple glazing should be quite clear. It’s simple a double glazed window with an extra window pane. Hence, the name, triple glazing.

Now for the benefits of triple glazing windows. It’s actually all quite obvious? If it’s not keep reading today’s lesson!

Double glazing work by having two panes of glass with a gap. The gap is where air gets trapped so when heat comes in from outside in summer or tried to escape in winter it will be trapped in the gap between the two glass panes. And vice versa for the cold getting in during winter.

This is why double glazing is so energy efficient. While there is still transfer of heat

Now image if you had three panes of glass and two air pockets the heat or cold had to battle its way though. This is what triple glazing is and its exactly why it’s the most energy efficient window system on the market.

As soon as you have at least double glazing you windows are very secure also. Triple glazing means your home will be extra secure.

Should You use Double or Triple Glazing?

This is up to you and it’s a very subjective topic.

It’s clear that double glazing is effective yet triple glazing is even more effective. If you speak to a glazing company and mention triple vs double they are likely to tell you that triple is the way to go as they know there is going to be a lot more profit in it for them.

Unless you come across a very reputable glazing company.

You need to do you own maths and figure out if it’s better to do double glazing or triple glazing. The real maths and how much you will save is something you should really consider. A great article on this topic is Triple Glazed Windows: The Ultimate Guide by The Eco Experts. It’s well worth a read.

Hopefully this article was helpful. Please fell free to read this article also as your choice on double or triple glazing is only one part of the puzzle – uPVC vs Aluminum Windows – Who Wins?